Springtime and Lysol

It's really only the beginning of summer, so if you missed your spring cleaning, here's Lysol to help you along.

Spray your clothes.  For example, your husband's dress.

Spray the air.  No fresh air can be as good as Lysol air.

Spray the garbage.  Spray the garbage can.

Spray the outdoor furniture.  You know that outside air never will compete with that fresh Lysol smell.

Oh, and make sure you plant the fake tulips.  It will make your yard sparkle!

Spray the showers.  You never know what your husband or little Billy might bring home to grow.

Ah, springtime - when all the Lysol plants are blooming.  Springtime is Spraytime!! Ain't it wonderful?


Fran Hill said…
And if you're still alive and breathing after spraying all that Lysol around, celebrate.
laura linger said…
Hooray for chemicals! Because you know that there were no natural fibers whatsoever in that dress or in those cushions! A Monsanto Family Reunion!
I just love it when everything smells like artificial pine trees!
houndstooth said…
I think my husband's underwear needs a close encounter with the Lysol can a lot more than his dress does, but maybe it's different for other people! :P
And they look so happy doing it! Happiness in a can! (How many braincells have been killed by Lysol?)
Breezy said…
Lysol smells icky, I can't imagine spraying it all the place!
Wyatt said…
But, can it cover up garlic and dog stink?

Hi Barbara,
Our lysol went down the drain I think. I licked some one day and my mouth started to foam!
Thank you for your always sweet words on our bloggy, and I also wanted to let you know we are sending healing wishes to your mom as her surgery comes near
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
I love the center picture where she's spraying away and looking straight at the camera with an "oh, expletive deleted" expression like she just realized a Mack truck is coming straight at her.
Mack said…
Nothing says spring like Lysol!

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