Charlotte's Story

Charlotte was found lying in the doorway of a church, way out on a country road....who knows how far she had dragged her broken, weary little body to get there? Members of the congregation gave her food and water, but nobody would take her in.

Little Charlotte watched as, one by one, they all drove away, until she was left alone again...and darkness began to fall.

When Laura arrived that night, Charlotte was still lying in the doorway of that church, lonely, frightened, in pain...but waiting still for salvation, hoping for sanctuary.She knew she had no room for her, as her home is already refuge to many rescues. She had no money for the kind of care she needs.

But this little puppy had faith, so Laura did that you will help her, faith that she will make a full recovery and leave pain and fear far behind her. She is only a baby, about 3 months old..

7/26/11: Charlotte is doing better but still remains in quarantine. She has almost no immune system so she has to be kept away from other animals. She is gaining a little weight and likes her time with humans. She is super cuddly and sweet.

You'd never guess she is battling anemia, mange, malnutrition and juvenile celulitis, a rare but very serious condition which basically restricts the airway until the animal chokes. The vet is having to treat Charlotte very carefully as the treatments for mange and celulitis are contraindicated. Please continue to share her story and give as you can. And know that we appreciate your kindness and Charlotte does too.

To help little Charlotte, donations can be made

via ChipIn

via Paypal to

Sent to P.O. Box 60923 Nashville TN 37206 (Laura Love/LLAWP)

or called in to the vet's office, Little Animal House at 615-791-9148 (tax deductible)

You can follow Charlotte's progress on Facebook too!


It isn't much, but we gave $10 for her care- wish it could have been more -

from Braxton (a rescued ShihTzu) and Lulu (a rescued Tibetan Spaniel) and Sushi - the fish..(not exactly "rescued" ..but not in those itty-bitty pet-store bowls anymore)...
Eartha Kitsch said…
Thanks so much for sharing the word about sweet Charlotte! If anyone is going to be in the area on the 20th, they're also having a bake sale and yard sale to raise funds.
Ujio said…
Mee has done a posty abouts Charlotte its scheduled to post on Fryday at 1am ( UK time )
Mee dids use yor photys mee hopes dat is okays. Please send her licks from dis likkle crestie pup n mee hopes her gets better verry soon

OMD OMD... what a sad yet beautiful story.
Oh my goodness what a story!! Precious
Benny & Lily
I wish for Charlotte a speedy recovery and a great forever home.
houndstooth said…
What a sweet little dog! Fingers crossed that she gets the help she needs and pulls through!
Oh we are sending bubbles of healing wishes to Charlotte.
And bubbles of hope that she gets help to put all the sadness behind her
Dolores said…
Oh what a heartbreaking and uplifting story...... I'm so glad there are people who rescue animals such as Charlotte and for you for passing on this story.
I'll help what I can....
I hope this sweet puppy makes a complete recovery and finds a forever home.
what a nice bonding! ah.ah.ah. look so co cute and fun! :)

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