Dealing With It

Sorry to be absent so long...I'm dealing with a spate of depression. 

I've had my meds adjusted again, and started working with a psychologist who claims I need "me" time (yay). 

As soon as I can get leveled off, I'll be back.

Please don't forget me.


All good thoughts coming your way from all of us.
just call me jo said…
Good luck, friend. I hate depression. It's insidious.
Hey--who could forget YOU, Miz Babs?! I'm on medication too even though I don't think I'm depressed. But of course that just means the meds are working, doesn't it? Love and lots of big hugs are being aimed DIRECTLY AT YOU!!!!!
Hey, you're preaching to the choir here. Forget Tom Cruise, we all need a bit of mother's little helper once in a while. It's a crazy world we live in. You are funny and I love your blog, you make me laugh and I will remain your follower. It's ME time, girlfriend. And I'm sure your furry friends will help uplift you. (They always do!) Take care.
Eartha Kitsch said…
Don't you worry, mama. Nobody could ever forget you! Depression sucks. I hope that you can find some of that "me time" that was prescribed.
Sending you hugs and wishes for all the "you time" you need and want!
laura linger said…
Never, doll. Never. And my word, if you need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen, you know where to find me.
24 Paws of Love said…
Been there. Take care of yourself. You deserve it. :)
Mack said…
We could NEVER forget about you!! Hope you get to feel better real soon,


You won't believe my verification word:
makingas !!!

Don't mind if I do!
Not a chance. Rest and heal. Or Sit and heel.
houndstooth said…
You are unforgettable! Don't worry about such a thing. I hope your me time helps to refresh things for you and help you start seeing things in a rosy light soon! :)
Take care Barbara. We'll be here when you get back. Don't worry.
Dolores said…
Would never ever forget you....take as much time as you need....sure wish you lived near me.......
Take time for you
Hi pretty lady,
I will never forget you!
I have been missing you,,,., please take all the "you time" that you need, and come back when you can,
We will all be here waiting
rottrover said…
You've got a lot on your plate. YOU time is central! We'll be here!!
The Thuglets said…
Sending you lots of positve and pawsative wishes thta you are soon feeling better.

Now how could we forget you?

Extra Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx
I remember when a therapist told me the same thing. Took me a whole year to figure what to do!
Hang in there, I know we will :)
jonnyk said…
your time is very important. savor it, drink it in and when you return we'll be here and excited for what you have to share. my best 2 u.

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