How To Impress People

hotdog ina bowl

Emily Post here. 

It’s so easy to impress your guests with just simple things around your house and in your refrigerator. Don’t bust that budget!

Why bother with fine china and crystal when you have basket glasses and a nice decanter filled with grape juice?

Fancy flowers?  NO WAY!  Just put a bunch of cactus in a bowl and do a “desert” theme!

And what goes great in the desert?  Franks!  That’s right, good old fashioned hot dogs.  Not in buns, mind you, but stuck end up in a loaf of rye bread, surrounded by parsley and cucumbers (two things known to go with hot dogs).  We call it the “Coronado Crown”, although I don’t know why.

Whip up a spinach soufflé and jam it in the center of the loaf.  There should be enough hot dogs to feed 8 (2 each) and enough soufflé to feed 2.  The rest can have the bread and parsley.

Don’t worry about how to serve this – just tell the guests to pluck out a frank or two and jab a spoon into the soufflé.  Have your husband hack up the rye bread and pass it around.

See what you can do on a budget!  Have a ball!!


Suzy Myers said…
We had a Brady Bunch theme party a few weeks ago and this was one of the entrees! Ha!

Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Dare I say it? A standing weinie roast? OK...nevermind. :)
the grape juice sounds wonderful!

i hope you are feeling better- my sweet Barbara.

i am lost in face book- so I am talking here
Penny's Mumma said…
that's hilarious!!
houndstooth said…
No, those aren't hot dogs! They are skinless frankfurters! That changes everything!
Anonymous said…
BOL! Yeah that ought to mightily impress them BOL! Thinkin....PIZZA! ;)

Waggin at ya,
Mack said…
Nothin better than skinless franks and cucumbers!!

It's always fun and games until someone loses a weenie. That photo will return to me when I least expect it, I'm sure, just like the taste of that meal would.

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