Let's Have a Pajama Party!

Hey everyone!  It's Friday!  What to do...what to do...


What's that you say?  You don't know how to throw one, or what to do once you do?  Well, I have the perfect solution!  Just send for my booklet "How To Give A Pajama Party".

Everyone knows that a pajama party is strictly an all-girl affair - that's where men get the fantasy material of pillow fights, shortie nightgowns and girl-on-girl action.  Honestly, all we ever do is hair, makeup and nails, but let them dream, okay?

Now, besides the booklet, you'll need several records - preferably Julius La Rosa, Perry Como and Eddie Fisher.  SWOON!  You'll need makeup, preferably Coty, because if you apply their makeup, you'll "Wake up Beautiful!"  Then you need some Canada Dry soda's, because truth be told, they are great mixers for the booze you've snuck in.

So run right out and purchase whatever little nightie ensemble turns you on, then send out those invitations! 

And don't forget the ladder by your window.  You just KNOW the boys will be stopping by!


Those are OBVIOUSLY sorority girls who I totally hated in college because they thought they were better than us slobby hippie chicks. Little did they know that they'd wind up hating their not-so-perfect lives with Mr. Harvard Studly Man and we losers would go on to become astronauts and physicists and CEO's and stuff. Except for me, of course, who has remained a proud hippie chick lo these many years. We never had sleepovers in college--we had "stoned out of our gourds" parties!
Oh, and even though you apparently DIDN'T enter my giveaway, I'm still going to send you something. Just because ah luvvvvvvvssssss you!
That is too funny
Benny & Lily
I have CAMO Jams... butt I can't climb ladders.
houndstooth said…
Well, darn it! I guess I can't wear those comfortable pajamas to bed now. I don't want to disappoint the boys who will be stopping by!
And don't forget the Ricky Nelson albums!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
I was married by the end of my freshman year of college, so there were no sleepovers for me either. I was a hippie chick too, so I identify with Vintage Christine's parties...LOL
I remember one of those sleepovers in high school. I had braces at the time and had to wear one of those awful head gears. The boys did stop by. I ran for cover but not in time. And...I had a flannel nightgown on. Can you say DORK? If only I'd had that book back then.
Dolores said…
High school slumber parties were so much fun....I think I wore something called 'baby doll pajamas'......fun
Mack said…
That girly party sounds like a lot of fun (minus the make-up).


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