As You Go Into The Weekend...

Friday is a good time to bring up sex.

That's right, sex.  And when you think of sex, think condoms.  Uh, huh.

So while you're trolling the bars, baseball parks and fish markets, remember this:

Would you buy a condom for this man??


Dana@Mid2Mod said…
At first I thought the ad said, "Would you buy a condom FROM this man," and, at my age, I couldn't think of a single reason for doing that...LOL

The second thing I noticed was the socks. Why isn't the guy wearing shoes? I know it's terribly inconvenient to get your shoes caught in the legs of your pants when you're trying to get out of both items of apparel and rush to the nearest couch or bed (and who hasn't done the "tiny step shuffle" at least once in this life?), but that looks a little TOO eager...or self-confident...or both.
BaaaaWaaaaah toooo funny.. butt Necessary I guess.
houndstooth said…
That man ought to be buying his own darned condoms! I mean, sure, he's cute enough and all, but honestly, a guy who doesn't come prepared is a turn off, especially when most of them carry at least one in their wallet! If I have to buy him a condom, then he's a cheapskate. No good ever comes from dating a cheapskate!
Eartha Kitsch said…
I have to admit that if I were still a single gal on the prowl, I'd gladly pick up some for him. Hello, sailor!
Dolores said…
He's sooo cute, but they're the ones you have to be careful with. (terrible sentence structure).....
Glad I'm not worrying about this anymore....actually, never did.
gosh Barbara,
should my eyes be seeing this?
your wayyyy to funny tonight!
I agree with the sentiment He should buy his own condoms. Big baby. Where are his shoes, anyway. No, this guy is trouble and it's not all the nasty things he could be transmitting, it's that if you date him it would be like taking him to raise. (no double entendre intended but if your thoughts go that way... well, it IS Friday).
Mack said…
And I don't even know what a condom is!!
Sunday Sugars,

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