Happy Birthday!!

It's your father's birthday!!

What to get, what to get.

Nice robe?  No.

Steak dinner?  Too hot.

Fishing lure?  No, he'll just stick it through his finger again.

Cigarettes?  Hey, now!  Nothing says "I couldn't think of anything else, so have a carton" like cigarettes do!

"We've only been married eight years, but I've completely run out of ideas for birthday presents for you, darling.  Little Winston remembered how irritated you were when you ran out of them, so I took his suggestion.  Now, where are you taking me for your birthday dinner?"

Cigarettes.  The gift that shows you care.


Personal note:   It is with great delight that I can wish Miss Lilac a happy 16th birthday!!
You can too, right here.


Mack said…
We're first!???
Can you believe my mom used to buy her dad ciggies for his birfday??

Miss Lilac is so pretty - we will have to go wish her a sweet sixteen!

A carton of Chesterfields would have lit up the Momster's father's eyes too.

Happy Sweet Sixteen to the lovely Miss Lilac.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
Unknown said…
hahaha I miss smoking :( but I will have to admit im healthier now. sigh.


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laura linger said…
"Here, Pappy...light up!"

Or maybe you could just use 40+ lit cigarette on Dear Daddy's birthday cake!

Happy birthday to Miss Lilac, that lovely senior citizen.
Lidian said…
Happy happy birthday to sweet Miss Lilac! :)

My mom gave and got Lucky Strikes as presents back in the 1940s, but...yeah. Not my idea of a present!

oh! my captcha is LUTROB:

"LUTROBle with cigarettes as presents is that I just don't smoke, dahling!"
houndstooth said…
Lilac sends you her thanks and a big kiss! She's had a phenomenal birthday!
Dolores said…
My mother was a KOOLs smoker, she would have been thrilled to receive them as a gift...., cough, cough
The Thuglets said…
Happy 16th Birthday Miss Lilac! How fabulous to be 16.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx
Oskar said…
Happy birthday to him!

Thanks for telling us about Lilac's birthday.

Nubbin wiggles,

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