Horrifying Things to Do With Soup, Pt. 1


I know what you’re thinking.

Why didn’t I think of this?  Well, why didn’t you?

Soup Shakes!  That’s right Campbell’s “m’m, m’m good” shakes.


Take a can of tomato soup.  Add a can of cold milk.  Or 3/4’s of a can if you want a nice, thick tomato shake.  Add some cinnamon.  Blend up and enjoy.

How about a nice cold Cream of Chicken shake?  Cream of mushroom?  Cream of celery?  How about a nice Chicken Gumbo shake?  French Onion shake?  The very popular Clam Chowder shake!! The possibilities are endless!

Campbell’s soup – what else can we do with this wonder???


Oh, BARF! Yuck yuck yucky yuck!!!!
Dolores said…
Hmmm, I'm wondering about the tomato soup one.....I'll pass on the chicken.......ya never know, it might be good.
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
The pressure to keep coming up with something new for Woman's Day and Family Circle must be horrific!
Hmmm, I'd be willing to try the tomato one with a good swish of vodka....!
24 Paws of Love said…
I am absolutely stunned. That's the most bizarre thing I think you've posted!!

Do you think you can top it??n :)
houndstooth said…
*gag* Why, oh why must you continue to give me nightmares about food?!

On a slightly related note, I know someone who had all his teeth pulled for dentures and he was so hungry during the time he had to have only things to drink that he had his wife puree a steak for him and he drank that with some A1 Sauce in it!
Pretty lady,,,
Did you make this up?
Its silly!

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