The Image I Choose To Remember


There are no words.  Those of us who witnessed this day will never forget.  It is our job to teach those who didn’t.


So many powerful images from that day and the ones that followed -- you've chosen a great one.
A great tribute post, Barbara! We will never forget.
As one who Did see it all unfold, I totally agree with you.
houndstooth said…
So very agreed! I can still remember that day like it was yesterday. It makes me realize why we used to celebrate Pearl Harbor Day, and a little sad that we don't remember it like we used to. I hope that future generations will never let the events of 9/11 fade into obscurity.
rottrover said…
THAT is a great image! I totally agree with you! (hope Jeep is feeling OK...)
Your tribute is beautiful.
We will never forget.
What a nice tribute
Benny & Lily
Mack said…
It is still so sad.


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