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Back when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, technology was trying to catch up with human needs.

Wishes were thrown into the air begging the gods to relieve the strain on our hands from using the old fashioned method of chisel to rock.  Then came the ballpoint pen and paper (okay, I skipped a few eras).  It wasn't long before the gods looked down and said "let there be typewriters".

Hundreds of years later, the invention of this thing called "electricity" made people wonder.  "My hands ache from typing on a non-electric typewriter.  Perhaps someone could take the power of electricity and combine it with a typewriter."

And then it was so.

Yes, you lovely people in your 20's and 30's, prior to a little company called "Apple", there was the historic invention of The Electric Typewriter, and it was good.  It could hold up to 1,500 characters (less than an average comment today) in it's memory and could set margins, center your text and more, by the power of "automatically".  And it was portable.  Think of it as a producer of a blog, only on paper.

So as you run off to check the next blog, remember us Neanderthals of the mid-century, and the rocks and paper we used to communicate.  You have it soooooo easy.


My mom still uses a Quill and Ink. BaaaaWaaaaah.
Mack said…
My mom remembers the day when she used to use a typewriter.
She said kids today just don't know the pain!!!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
I've actually become fascinated with manual typewriters lately. Until I found Ton S's blog I dream lo-tech, I didn't realize there are serious collectors of vintage manuals who meet regularly just to TYPE LETTERS...and that there are some gorgeous typewriters out there. Check out the chromed and painted ones at

I learned on a manual, and I remember how excited I was when I got an IBM Selectric. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Call me lazy, but I love my laptop! :)
The beginning of the end of penmanship...Sigh!

I learned on a manual too. And when I moved to an electric, it took me a while to learn not to bang the keys!
Dolores said…
Thanks, but I'll take my I Pad.......
Hugs and happy weekend!
Lazlo said…
Its weird to remember how things were before computers and the internet. Like, the fact that you couldn't immediately access just about any piece of information just by searching for it online. Or, the fact that you couldn't immediately communicate in writing with someone and send it just that instant. Or make contact with people or groups of people on a whim.

Its hard to believe things were so different when I was in high school and college. I almost forget. You actually had to go to the library to look up something. And there would be days you wouldn't be in contact with certain people.

Speaking of immediate communication, check out my blog:
Eartha Kitsch said…
Ooh! And not to make myself sound prehistoric but the best thing was when typewriters started having a built-in correction tape so that we wouldn't have to use those weird white correction pens or sheets.

Yep, I sound prehistoric. So be it.
I found a typewriter at an estate sale for $5 and the next week an electric one for the same price - Love them. Just found a place that retrofits them as tablet keyboards - new tech meets old school!
On the last models made, they used Daisy wheels, instead of the classic IBM Selectric Balls. Near the end of their popularity, one could buy several of the Daisy wheels, and actually type things... In Different Fonts! I miss these things.

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