Pug Needs Rescue near Nashville, TX

Puggie Sue is a 2-5 yr. old female pug that I rescued. She is very scared of people and will take time for her to get use to you, but is very lovable. I think she was a puppy mill dog, but I have taken her to the vet, got her spayed, ALL of her shots, and have all paperwork to go with her. All I'm asking is a small fee of 75.00 to cover the cost of vetting and that can be waived with vet references.

pug1 I want her to go to a loving and forever home and not be passed around please do not contact me if you do not have the patience to let her get use to you she has been through enough and I do not want her to go through anymore



if something goes wrong and it doesn't work out I want her to be returned to me. Please call 931 219 7963 no emails please she IS A VERY SMALL PUG AND ONLY WEIGHS 9 LBS

pug 2http://nashville.craigslist.org/pet/2595420032.html

I do not know this person, I just saw it on Nashville’s Craigslist.  Buyer beware.


Oh MY... that poor dawg. I hope it DOES find a good home.
Poor little baby.
Nashvile is so far away.
Its so sad,, these doggys that come from puppy mills.
They do not know what a family is.
They do not know what love is.
If it was close,, I bet my moms would go get that puggy

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