So Fat

Poor Sally.

She's just so fat!  Those "few pounds" she's carrying are such a burden.  But losing them means you lose precious vitamins.

I do worry about Sally though - she seems to not have enough energy left to fully smile.  But dang, can't miss the fat on her, can you?  Better to be thin and unable to lift your arms than be ugly and well....fat!

Don't fret!  The Roche Labs want you to know that in place of food, you can take vitamins!  That's right!  No food plus vitamins equals healthy dieting!

Remember, water keeps you full.  Enjoy your diet, Sally!

Personal note:  We were very, very sad to hear about the passing of Nala. Run free and Godspeed.


Living BETTER through Chemistry??????
rottrover said…
maybe is sally takes more vitamins she'll have enough energy to raise her upper lip when she smiles....

sorry to learn about Nala...
who needs food!! BOL
Benny & Lily
so sorry to hear about your friend
Really, Sally, you're a fatty fatty two by four, that's why you look stiff as a board!
I am also sad to hear about Nala..

Water? Hummm I don't think so
Nala was such a cutie patootie pooch!
Mack said…
Doesn't Roche also make weed killer??!
We will go visit Nala's sweet family. Thanks for the heads up,


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