A Crappy Week

I’ve had a lot of really crappy stuff happened to me this week (not family), and I really feel like my spirit has been broken in pieces.

I’m going off to regroup and hopefully, with the help of my medications, I’ll be able to make you laugh come next week.

But right now, I just have to get myself back.

Picture 54 borrowed from “hyperbole and a halfwho described most of my life this week. She’s fabulous.

I wish I were in a position to start all over again – in a different place, in a different time…my urge to run away is very strong right now.  However, we know that’s not an option for me, so I’m just going to see if I can repair what’s been taken from my spirit.

I need to decide how to change direction without losing all I have.  Or maybe I need to accept that it can’t be changed for a long time.  Regardless, I need to repair my disappointment.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and that all your dreams come true.


So sorry to hear you had such a poor week. But that's what tomorrow is for - hope it is a better day for you. Hug your pups - they usually help make things feel better.
Dolores said…
Oh .... my sweet and faithful friend.... how I wish we were neighbors! We could laugh and cry together.... rescue animals together....
I'm so sorry you're feeling down... that's an awful feeling. I pray that tomorrow will be a brighter day!!!
Zona said…
I hope things turn around for you really soon!! OP has the right idea, I think!

Snuggly wags,

PeeS - mom reads that blog too. Hard times seem like they are going around. :(
Oh my sweet Barbara.
I wish I could help you look for yourself. Where can we look?
I bet you are hiding in your heart.
You have a beautiful heart with so much love.
Let me sit beside you, and lets look for "you" together.
We all love you.
Yes, maybe tomorrow, but right now take my paw.
24 Paws of Love said…
Sounds like we have been having the same week. So sorry you are so down. I have felt that urge to run and run and run too.

Wish I had great words of wisdom for you. Just hang on to your dogs, they will pull you through. :)
The Thuglets said…
Barbara..we are so sorry you are feeling like this.

Sending you lots of airezen and pawsative thoughts to help mend you soon.

Extra Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx
Sorry that you had a bad week. I will cross my paws that you have a very much wonderful weekend to make up fur the bad days.
Will a good cry help any? I'm so sorry for your hard times. Wish I could help in some way. Be good to yourself.
Oh, hon, I've walked quite a few miles in your shoes! I can't say much more than everybody else has already said, except that you're a great person and to hang in there. It can only go up from here! It WILL!! And you can unload on us anytime you want.
rottrover said…
Hey Barbara! Take whatever time you need to regroup, but remember that you are valued and cared for around here!
houndstooth said…
Sending you lots of hugs, Miss Barbara! I know that a lot of bad stuff has been heaped on your plate lately, and I hope that the next few days can help you recharge and find some happiness. When life gives you lemons, make a damned awesome lemon cake! We're here for you, please know that!
some weeks are bad lady, and its over...but how about today?
Benny & Lily
Lidian said…
Oh Barbara, I am so sorry! I know I am not terribly forthcoming on my blogs...but I can relate to the feeling. Those were/are the times I want to "get on a bus to Thunder Bay" as I put it in my (paper, real) diary. I don't know why Thunder Bay but that's what it was.

I send you a virtual hug and I wish I could have you over for coffee. Hope you feel better soon

xxx Laura (Lidian)
Hi Barbara, I'm late getting here, but I hope you feel better today. I'll tell you a secret that I left work yesterday because of a 'meltdown' where the doctor I work for saw me and sent me home. We all have those days, and I hope you can find your inner spirit and strength and find your direction. I'm sending you lots of good thoughts and vibes!!
Tucker said…
I am sending you big slobbery Dane kisses to makes you feel better.

woof - Tucker
Anonymous said…
Mom just finished cleaning up all my crap. Want me to send her over to clean up your crap for the week too? ;D

Waggin at the wonderful Barbara :)

Thank you dear lady for coming to wish me a Happy Day :) Together we raised a nice lil sum for my shelter.
Anonymous said…
Bummer you had a bad week. Sorry to hear that! Hopefully the meds will kick in and start doing their thing soon!

I have a funny story--I put in the number of comments on my Awkward Family Pet Photos giveaway blog post into random.org and your comment came up!! So congrats, hopefully the book will cheer you up some! And I swear it came up the very first time I did it, I didn't rig it in any way! You're a lucky lady today. Send me an e-mail at riley.acd@gmail.com with your address and I'll send it to the publisher!

Elyse and Riley
My sweet Barbara
I am here checking on you today.
Can you feel my love?
I hope you knows how important you are to me, and I want you to come visit me sometimes.

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