The FIRST Giveaway....Monkey Mark!!

Okay, get your comments ready, because the first giveaway is starting!!

This one is Pet Themed!

Dogs go bananas for Monkey Mark. His body has no stuffing so fill his belly with tennis balls (use Air Kong Squeaker balls for even more squeaky goodness) or even a water bottle for even more fun. Monkey Mark has a shaky fun Happy Moppy tail for multiple textures. He has a squeaker in his head and his arms and legs crackle.

His belly is embroidered with "I Love You".

Entertain your dog with a Dura Toy from Nylabone. These exciting and colorful toys are made from premium fabrics with double stitching at stress points. New Dura Toys are tons of fun for you and your dog!

Dura Toy Fill-a-Bellie - Medium measures 9" long with a 10" long tail. Dura Toy Fill-a-Bellie - large measures 11" long with a 11" long tail.

Rules:  You must be a follower.  Leave a comment why you consider your pets the best pets ever, and if you want medium or large (sorry, the don't make small ones).

Contest ends Wednesday, October 19 at midnight PST.  Winner announced on Thursday, October 20.


Kari in Alaska said…

Why are my pets the best ever, have you SEEN them? And they are all rescues. We want large because Big Carl looks silly playing with large toys :)

Noodles said…
HELLO DOWN THERE!!! It is Me, Noodles, perched on my throne. My mommy said I am the BEST EVER dog she has ever had. WHY you may ask? Well, let's see . . . I am cuddlier as only a PUG can be, I am cute as a BUTTON (have no idea what she means by that), and I am witty - prone to fits of cleverness that occasionally spill over onto the WEB! Yes, Me, Noodles. I am also very stylish as my frequent bouts with clothing will attest. Most of all, I am NICE to one and all, sometimes even my Sisteroid Sunshine the Cat. Beings I am a SMALLISH dog, I think the medium Monkey Mark would be totally GROOVY!!!
Love Noodles
Prudence said…
Ooooh, we love this! Mom says I'm the bestest pup ever! I put up with all her craziness speaking of crazy, Halloween's right around the corner and she's thinking about dressing me up as a clown! *paws to face*). The large toy would be terrierific fur me if we win (even 'tho I'm a hound, bol)! Thanks!
chandlerguera said…
My sister's pet is the best pet (Shitz-Poo) because I can take him walking whenever I please and I can give him back later. He LOVES to walk (or should I say prance) with me and Mum. Gizmo would like a size medium toy!
Oh my goodness those monkeys are adorable lady
Benny & Lily
Dolores said…
This sounds like a great dog toy. Our baby, Casey ..deserves the toy because she is such a good little care taker to David..
Hi Barbara
I wanted to tell you this,,
it sounds like such a fun game, but please don't enter me in the contest, I would like someone else to win.
houndstooth said…
Lilac is the queen of all she surveys! Isn't that enough? :P My dogs are the best because they make my life infinitely better every single day. And we'd be thrilled with either size toy!
That is so stinkin' cute! Bacon and Donut Hammbutt and Tallulah Barkhead would love to share it, though knowing them, they would probably take turns hiding it! They all think they are big dogs but they are mediums in everything but their love.
HoundDogMom said…
We are a new follower of yours. We would love either size as well. And our Mom says we are the bestest because we smell like Frito's. Sniffs, The HoundDogs
Anonymous said…
Well...EVERYBODY knows Riley is the best dog ever...I mean, duh! ;)

Riley is the best pet ever because she knows how to cheer anyone up on her therapy dog visits when they're having a bad day and she certainly always makes me laugh and smile at some of her silly antics! Plus, she just had surgery and could use a Large or Medium Monkey Buddy in her crate for the next 8 weeks while she's recovering!! (Do sympathy votes count...hehe!). ;)

Elyse and Riley
Mine is the best because she knows just how to cheer me up on a bad day, and how to make a good day even better. She is the loving-est dog ever. (I would take Medium.)
Monkey Mark looks like a fun toy. But like Tweedles, please don't enter us. We have won a few things recently and would love for others to have a chance. It is a very nice thing for you to do.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
Whoaaa..I really really love them too! they look great at that post!

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