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From my friend Eartha Kitsch in Nashville…


Skippy Lou is a sweet lab mix belonging to Jill Napier and we are desperate to find her and bring her home.

Jill has been dealt some pretty hard blows recently. For the last 13 years, she had made her living with publishing companies on Music Row. Unfortunately, due to a weak economy, her position was eliminated in May. While she was searching for a new job, she was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer in July. In August, she went into surgery to have a total hysterectomy and removal of her uterus. When she was on the operating table, they discovered that she also had Ovarian Cancer and pre-cancerous cells of the cervix.

While Jill was undergoing this 10.5 hour surgery, her beloved pup, Skippy Lou was lost from her petsitter's home in Brentwood, Tennessee on August 13th. The tireless but small group of volunteers on Team Skippy Lou have been searching nonstop ever since. Skippy Lou is very nervous of strangers and has lived inside her entire life . This has prevented her from approaching people for food or help. We continue to have sightings and know that Skippy Lou is out there, trying to survive until we find her and bring her home again to Jill. We know that we can do this with your help.

Recently, we were dealt a huge blow when the thousands of signs that we put up all over Brentwood were removed by the Codes Department and we learned that we could not put any more up. Around the same time, we were told by the majority of the Homeowner's Associations in subdivisions around Brentwood and Franklin that our signs there had also been removed. Relatively overnight, we went from having the word out about Skippy Lou to silence without these signs.

Many residents have been led to believe that Skippy Lou has been found due to the removal of our signs. We are repeatedly hearing that residents have stopped looking because they believe that Skippy Lou had been found. We must get the word out and we know just how to do it - postcards. Something tangible that can arrive at homes and be held in the hands of thousands of people who can lead us to Skippy Lou.

We can send out postcards to 3000 homes directly in our search area if we can quickly raise enough funds to do so. We have had a very promising sighting on September 30th and must act fast to make sure that residents know to that she's out there. These postcards need to be sent out immediately. If we can secure the funding, the company that we are working with can send them out the very next day.

Please help with any donation that you can. And we'd appreciate it so much if you can pass the word. We know that every heartfelt donation will soon add up to a huge advantage in finding Skippy Lou and getting her safely home with Jill. The weather is getting colder and Skippy Lou is no doubt very hungry and scared. Please help us bring her home safely to Jill.

Thank you,

Team Skippy Lou


Eartha Kitsch said…
Thank you sooooooo much, hon! :)

I know that Skippy Lou would thank you too.
gosh, poor baby..we will spread the word
Benny & Lily
Dolores said…
Oh my goodness, this is so heartbreaking.. My thoughts and prayers for finding this precious and most needed dog....
When I get to my regular computer, I'll make a donation.
Praying !!
I will help spread the word tooo,,
what a story!
The Thuglets said…
We are sending lots of pawsative thoughts for Skippy Lou's safe return.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx
♥ Sallie said…
Hoping Skippy Lou returns safely!


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