I Am So Stupid!!

I mean, really.

I hated making spaghetti, but my husband Cedrick loves it.  But it's such a pokey, long drawn-out job to make that damned sauce, what with cooking up the meat and chopping up the vegetables.  Adding in that can of tomato sauce is just so time consuming.  And because Cedrick is the low man on the upwardly mobile job ladder, I needed to save some money.

Cedrick would come home after a long day of work just aching for dinner, using that sarcastic "Hello, dear...", but I'd just snap at him and tell him to get the hell out of my kitchen.  He took to beating me with a rolled up newspaper on Spaghetti night because I spoiled his mood, but I fixed that.

You see, I found Franco-American canned spaghetti.  No more using eleven different ingredients to make the sauce - it's all right there in the can!  Deftly seasoned and tasting of cheese and tomato, why should I slave over a homemade sauce when all I have to do is open a can made by a master chef?  How stupid of me!  Everyone know canned spaghetti is delicious and authentic.  What was I thinking trying to out-piquant a real chef?  And who is this Al Dente anyway?

The can holds 3 to 4 servings*, so it's less than 10 cents per family member.  Now we can afford to feed the baby too!!



OMD, mom says that stuff is gross, but the little bipeds like something called abcs and 123s. We get a taste sometimes and it tastes pretty good to us:)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
rottrover said…
You mean I could have skipped all that fresh garlic and olive oil? Fresh tomatoes and basil? Naw.... :-)
BaaaaaaWaaaaah I could hear that lightbulb coming on.. CLICK!!!
Ok, my family would probably eat two cans each...if they could stomach it.
houndstooth said…
Bwaaaa ha ha ha! You always crack me up with these! I envision your basement as a warehouse for all these cool ads you've collected over the years.

Really, why make it yourself when you can pour processed food from a can?
Stupid? Yeah, stupid like a rock. Uh, a rock that bashes open a can of spaghetti. I'm done cooking at home to save money, too. Here's the can opened, I'm going out.
Dolores said…
I love Italian food/sauces, but this is not my favorite. However, I remember as a kid, liking it.
Your not going to believe this,, but my mommy loves it! Meatballs!
Anonymous said…
Uh, canned spaghetti will never pass these lips ;)

Waggin at ya,
And if he does not like the spaghetti, you can throw a can at him, that will teach him! Much more effective than throwing a handfull of dry spaghetti at him. At least with the can, he will know you threw something.....

Mogley G. Retriever

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