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I guess no one else wants to follow me.  *sob*  Oh well, we might have a giveaway anyway after the 15th.  Just have to decide – people stuff or dog stuff.  Your opinion counts.

We’ve had a cold snap and the only sweater Jeep has is too big for him.  So we made one from the arm of an old sweater.  I think he looks fabulous.  What do you think?

Jeep 051

He’s a little ticked about not being naked, but I think he’s comfortable, based on this picture…(I woke him up….)

Jeep 044

Jeep got squashed between a wall and Minnie, so he’s had a gimpy leg since Monday. We are seeing the vet again today, but he seems to be recovering nicely.  Just a good bruise, they think.

Of course, his relationship with Minnie (sans squashing) makes for some adorable pictures…

Jeep 037

Jeep 042

Jeep 039

I’m so glad I have all three dogs – they’re a distraction in my twisted life.  Last night, Clynt fell down the stairs at mom’s house going out to take out the garbage.  All night in the ER equals many broken ribs and one pissed off brother. He’s very stoned right now, thanks to pain killers. 

I have tried to sleep some today, but it’s pretty futile.  I just can’t seem to sleep in the daytime.  I lie there with racing thoughts.  Arg.  The lack of and attempts to sleep have left me with a lovely headache. But I’m not complaining – Clynt could have been hurt much more.

Hope your day is going better than mine.


Unknown said…
I love the new sweater and what a great idea to make it out of a shirt.
Very practical way to keep Jeep warm, and he looks quite handsome in it too. Paws crossed for healing for Clynt and sleep for you.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
Jeep you look very comfy. Cute
Benny & Lily
laura linger said…
Do you want some stuff to help with the racing thoughts? You let me know. My shrink is good for stuff like that and I have no qualms about helping ma sista out.
Eartha Kitsch said…
Oh my lordy, I am so sorry about your brother! I too am glad that he wasn't hurt much worse. And Jeep too. Gosh, I love the way that her little ears curl.

I'm already a happy follower or I'd help you out! Thanks again for the Skippy Lou chip-in request and icon on your page. We are so close to being at the goal! I went ahead and ordered the postcards today because I just know we'll get there.
I am so glad Clint was not hurt worse. Broken ribs is bad enough.
Now to get you some sleep and get rid of the headache.
I think you did a fantastic job on thw sweater for Jeep,,,, wow the possibilities are endless as far as the colors to choose.
sweet dreams
Anonymous said…
Jeep's sweater arm sweater fits great! Hope you get some sleep soon. Mom can't sleep in the day either unless she's really really sick. Thank goodness she rarely is. Sending happy thoughts your way! :D

Waggin at ya,
Dolores said…
What a clever idea for the sweater.
Jeep is so cute.......and it's so sweet to see the dogs cuddling.
Jeep is all ears.... so cute!

Keeping you in my prayers!!!
Sorry to hear about your brother. Broken ribs are painful. My own dad broke his shoulder a week and a half ago. Sigh! It's always something, isn't it?

That Jeep is too darn cute! I love his ears, he reminds me of Piglet, especially with his sweater!

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