Wordless Wednesday - Things You'll Never See Again


Jan said…
It's hard to imagine that a generation or two survived without government mandated car seats.
Yes, how did we all manage without those restraints? Guess that world had a whole lot less distractions or something.
Remember that cars back then were much sturdier than today--so much of today's cars are plastic and aluminum and the old cars were solid metal. Plus people didn't drive like bats out of hell, either.
Yes, and yummy mummy on her way to yoga class wasn't busy texting with one hand, chugging a grande half caf half decaf light on the whip soy caramel latte, all the while applying mascara and lip gloss. People just drove. They didn't have a choice, that steering wheel was so big and so hard to turn...! Hmmm, perhaps we should bring those back?
Amber Von Felts said…
Last weekend my boyfriend and I were baby sitting our 2 and 6 year old godsons. We were out in my '63 Dodge Dart and had to go home first and switch cars so that when we picked them up, we'd have a vehicle that had seat belts to secure the car seats with. I joked that we should have just drove them in the Dart, sans seat belts or car seats. When people would inevitably stop to hassle us, we could just say "hey, we are a time traveling family and this is our time machine/station wagon and this is how its done in the 60's-- so get offa our backs!" Somehow my suggestion went unfulfilled!
Jennifer said…
how I ever survived to wild sons in car seats is beyond me but I smile softly about it now....love your blog...stop by and visit me at jennsthreegraces! Jennifer
Yes, I'm all for government mandated seat belts...perhaps I wouldn't have been fatherless at such an early age if he'd been strapped in.

I wish the govt. would mandate a slower speed limit on freeways. What's wrong with 55mph? Save gas and lives I think. Freeways scare the shit out of me now!
The Thuglets said…
How safety concious the world has become!

She looks very comfy.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx
Eartha Kitsch said…
I was just thinking last night how my brother and I spent all of our long distance family trips sleeping on mattresses in the backs of vans with no restraints. People must have REALLY driven safer back then. Or we were just humming along with our lives in our roach clip gripping parents' hands

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