Christmas Present #1: Remote Control Man Finder

Never mind the dress. Or the hair.  Or the hours spent on makeup.

hes yours

The shoes. The girdle.  The jewelry. 

No matter what you put on your body, nothing will attract a man to you like Prince Matchabelli.

And that worries me.

I mean, this woman is more than lovely, but she needs a Prince to remote control a man to her?  A Prince?  Is this the kind of man she wants – one attracted by a prince?  And this guy seems to be glancing over her head anyway, wondering where that smell is coming from. “Damn these cigarettes…they smell like the Prince!”

Me thinks she shall be disappointed in the end. 

But give it a shot and let me know.  (PS: Can someone tell me how she sits or walks while wearing a girdle and that dress? It seems an impossibility…)

…your wind song stays on my miiiiiiiinnnnnd…..




Very funny comment on a very silly advert :-)
houndstooth said…
*snicker* And hubby said last week, "Christmas isn't here because the White Diamonds commercial hasn't been on yet!" And then, wouldn't you know, the very next day they started running it!

I would rather have a remote to turn a man into a Prince, but that's just me!

That dress is made of the same material that superheroes fight in, so it's super stretchy! That's the secret! ;)
DeanO said…
to thinks she must walk like a Penguin in that outfit
The remote control is just there to turn off the TV. Once the TV is off, the black form fitting dress does the rest.... The perfume is just there to take up advertising space.

Mogley G. Retriever
Have you ever seen a pug walk in a girlde?
Oh how I've missed you!

I always walk around with my spray perfume at parties. Doesn't everyone?
Callie Brady said…
She reminds me of a mermaid... maybe she she spends her time in the pool when she isn't in front of the camera.
She doesn't need to sit, she sprays perfume around and men rush over to scoop her up and hold her up.
so thats the trick! BOL
Benny & Lily

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