Never Underestimate A Determined Barbara


Cabinet is down. I got over my fear of dealing with an electrical outlet and embraced the crowbar.

I haven’t heard from the guy that was supposed to help me with my retail therapy purchase, but I’ll keep you informed as the project progresses.

Now, off to get some drywall compound, etc. Glad I have the day off, regardless.


Dolores said…
Oh remind me of me.......
20 years ago I had a wonderful therapy session of knocking out a wall. We were enlarging our kitchen, and I couldn't wait for the contractors to start their work, so helped in getting the work done.... Cheap therapy.
Be careful with the electrical.
Good luck, you better watch HGTV
Benny & Lily
Looks like a lot of work for a day off!
houndstooth said…
Wow! You're sure not holding back any! Go, Barbara, go! :)
Your doing all this work yourself?
That was really cool! I want to try it too!

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