When the Voices in Your Head Tell You Bad Things…

Meet Ron. 

Ron wants to stop smoking.  He hates those menthol Kent’s. kent wisdom

All the other boys in the office smoke; it makes them feel manly.  They take elevators because they can’t walk up two flights of stairs, what with the three martini lunches and the two pack a day habits.  Not to mention the broads – no, let’s not forget the broads.

Anyway, Ron wants to quit, but the voice of pleasure keeps telling him that Kent’s are fresh-tasting and have a Micronite Filter, which is proven effective in test after test.  Effective for what, they’ve never said, but damn, that filter is effective, and the voices have wisdom.

Ron has asked the doctor about the voices, but they just tell him to lay off the booze for a while.  Meanwhile, Ron is afraid to undress in front of himself.


Bwahahahaha - That Ron! I listen the voice of pleasure all the time and my life is perfect. The lives of people around me are not so hot, but that's just them being jellus.
Don't you just love it when the Voice of Wisdom and the Voice of Pleasure are in agreement?
Lidian said…
Wait until Ron's Voice of Displeasure shows up complete with a ghostly Wedgie of Doom and a migraine!

What a great ad :)
houndstooth said…
Oh, that Ron! I bet he pays those voices to whisper to him!

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