Christmas Hair

natural look

Because that hairstyle looks about as natural as our aluminum Christmas tree.

And I think the stylist was more concerned about his pose than he was about which color Clairol shampoo to use.

Natural in the 60s meant “let’s burn a hole in the ozone layer big enough to get the astronauts through”.

Celebrate Christmas by making a hair helmet.  If you do, please, send pictures.

PS:  I gotta say that the dog community in Blogland is amazing!!  Over 6 grand collected so far for the Pittie Pack.  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!


Dolores said…
Hoping you'll forgive me for being behind in reading and posting, but...thinking of you and loving you just the same.
Wyatt said…
It must put a dimple in your chin too!!

DeanO said…
What....that's not a natural doo?
houndstooth said…
You mean she didn't just wake up in the morning with her hair looking like that?! Well, I'll be frosted!
Blogland friends are the best!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch
Haha, don't smoke until it's dry! That was a most lethal combination, wasn't it, hair spray and cigarettes!
Only your hairdresser knows for sure:)

Blogville is absolutely amazing!!!

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
Everyone needs hair like me.
BLOGLAND friends are the most loving peoples ever!
I wanna hair helmet. Really, I do. My hair doesn't want to play - if only I had a stylist like that to whip it into shape. Merry Christmas.
Anonymous said…
Which world famous hair dresser might that be? Dare I say - is that an ascot he is wearing? (Not in MY neighborhood, even in the 60s)

Happy Howlidays
3 doxies said…
Well shucks, I cant think of anything as funny as everybuddy else...but, I am having a good hair day myself and dats aaaaaall dat matters.


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