Has the Season Given you Housewife Headache?

housewife headache

Been busy shopping? Wrapping presents? Baking cookies for Buddy’s class? Making dinner? Taking Sally to soccer practice? Servicing the husband?

Doing the same dang thing day after day after day?  Looking fondly at the wine bottle?

You have “Housewife Headache”!!

Yes, you busy mothers just let that tension build until your head nearly explodes.  What’s wrong with you anyway?  You have kids…make them do it.

Sit down, take an aspirin.

Or a Valium.  Or both. 

But carry on, my dear housewife…carry on.


tee hee hee- i just chew on a doggy bone!
3 doxies said…
I is posting dis furs my mum cuz her just took a Valium and can't type at da moment.

Housewife headache - that explains so much. These days I am more inclined to have bloggers backache though. Can I drink wine for that?
The Thuglets said…
Thanks for the paws up. That explains what's always up with her here then!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx
We like watching mom go nutty
Benny & Lily
DeanO said…
a Valium or both...I like that
Housewife headache, is that what they call it? All this time I thought it was the fact that I'm PMSing and menopausing at the same time, all the whilst dealing with the world in general!

You find the greatest ads, Barbara! Priceless!!
fromsophiesview said…
Elizabeth Taylor is all I can see in that pic....weird I know.
Anonymous said…
carry on? how about carrying me to the park?
HH and The Boys said…
Love your blog. We just came over from the Christmas Card list. So glad to meet you. Hope you like kitties. We're following you now...

pawhugs Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

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