Let’s Knock You on Your Kiester!

drunk eggnog
Say! Let’s get bombed for Christmas!
Okay, you ready?
Get a quart of eggnog.
Stir in half a bottle of rum.
Fold in some whipped cream.
No wonder the parties in the 1960’s seemed much more fun than they do today.  Imagine that average punch bowl holds 4 quarts – that’s TWO bottles per punch bowl.  YEEEE HAW!!  Good Old Christmas Eggnog!
This is how people ended up in Santa underwear and didn’t remember.  So, in the spirit of Christmases past, I’m off to spike the eggnog.  Hopefully, I’ll remember I made this post.


DeanO said…
1/2 a bottle of Rum? That's insane! Leave the lamp shades alone!
Pearl said…
Wheeee! That's why the parties in the 60s always had plenty of food! (My parents' cocktail parties were the things of legend...)

houndstooth said…
I hope I see the pictures of your Christmas party on Facebook! For some reason, "Friday Night" is running through my head now!
rottrover said…
Did you watch "The Closer" last night? Fred Willard played a very drunk Santa who was drinking egg nog out of the carton with one hand and rum out of the bottle with the other. He was very funny as usual :-)
Will you pour me a glass too?
No wonder they see little elves around the punch bowl!
3 doxies said…
God I hope I is invited to your next party. I don't guess it has to be a party though...a get together maybe...fur no occasion.
Oh dis is Puddles....say Lady, did you miss me? Missed you like crazy!

I am still waiting for my egg nog pretty lady!

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