Those Men and Their Remarkable Zippers

remarkable zippers

So THIS is how it happened!

You are witnessing the birth of


That’s right!  Of course, to you in the modern age, zippers are soooo yesterday.  But then? 


Many times poor, hapless men ran around with bulges in their crotches, and at the mercy of time and women.  Late for work?  To hell with button fly I say!! Going to tea?  Well, that snotty Alice won’t have to tell you that your fly is open….AGAIN. 

Nope!  Now with this remarkable invention, men everywhere could freely go about their business without their business unexpectedly going freely! 

Locks at the top!  Cleaning won’t hurt it!  And look how smooooooooth his crotch is now!! 

We neglect to appreciate our zippers, so in unison I ask you – PRAISE THE ZIPPER!!!


DeanO said…
Hm, well then - all hail the zipper
How Sam Sees It said…
You know, I never thought about how zippers were once a new invention - talk about taking something for granted!

Amber Von Felts said…
Wow, so they had just invented the zipper, a modern marvel but still hadn't figured out how to make socks elastic? Check out that guy's sock garters! Now there is a fashion statement you won't see coming back anytime soon!
Dolores said…
Hadn't thought about a time before the zipper...goodness, I do appreciate the little zipper.

fromsophiesview said…
Only one thing to be oh so careful with is....drum roll....the pulling up the zipper just a little too fast.....oooowwwwiiee!
Eartha Kitsch said…
I can't believe that I have taken zippers for granted up until now. I have been such a fool. And never have I thought about manly crotches so much in such a short time span.
The Thuglets said…
Zipping along!

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