Time to Christmas Shop

Okay, jump on this time machine with me….(you can click on the pictures to make them bigger…)

Let’s get the band together and rock this joint..SearsWishbook.1971.P126 Let’s decorate the houseSearsWishbook.1971.P259Start decorating the tree…SearsWishbook.1971.P243 Grab the stocking stuffers (I’ll take the two bottles..)SearsWishbook.1971.P238 Break out the craft kits…

SearsWishbook.1971.P272 SearsWishbook.1971.P273

Grab Snoopy…SearsWishbook.1971.P270

  Use our imaginations…SearsWishbook.1971.P122

Clean up the kitchen…SearsWishbook.1971.P343


Light the fireplace….SearsWishbook.1971.P312 Put on our pretty loungewear…

SearsWishbook.1971.P381 SearsWishbook.1971.P405

…and maybe some boots…SearsWishbook.1971.P439

Dress the kids…

SearsWishbook.1971.P477 SearsWishbook.1971.P479

Invite the neighbors…

SearsWishbook.1971.P533 SearsWishbook.1971.P617

And play until we hurt ourselves…

SearsWishbook.1971.P120 SearsWishbook.1971.P157

And when we wear ourselves out, break out the sleeping bags…SearsWishbook.1971.P206

…and read our Christmas cards until we fall asleep…SearsWishbook.1971.P265

What do YOU remember about your childhood Christmases (or whatever holiday you celebrate)?


Dear Santa - I want it ALL! What a hoot. And I actually remember those patterned sleeping bags and wanting one so bad. Did I get one? I don't even recall.
I love Christmas Shopping with my Paw friends Woof!

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My mommy remembers going to the big city on the bus with her sister. They loved to look in the windows of the big department stores and watch the animated animals dance and twirl. And all the decorations of the big city, and bells ringing!
houndstooth said…
Sledding! My sister and I would get new sleds for Christmas and we'd bundle up and go out and sled until our lips were blue!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
OMG...did guys really wear hats like the one in the "neighbors" picture? LOL
{B} said…
This is magical!! I want everything in this catalog as well! Not to mention the extra stretchy polyester pants. Check her stance!
Amber Von Felts said…
Merry Christmas! I love this post! I will be scrutinizing these ads for my own holiday inspirations this year. Thanks for sharing them. I remember being so excited on Christmas Eve as a kid. We each got to open a small present that night to help us cope with the excitement! I remember waking my parents up well before the crack of dawn and taking naps with my new toys later in the day. I heart Christmas!
3 doxies said…
I has a feelin' I prolly shouldn'r invite my neighbor's to my Christmas shindig...what does you think?

My mum's mom still has one of them green coffee thingamabobs...let's just keep dat between us though.

Oh what a blast from the past, lol! That first picture looks like it's taken straight from the Partridge Family!

I had one of those candle making kits! I still like making candles.

Thanks, that was fun!
So nice to reminisce about the good old days. Mom says her fondest memories are of Christmas night when all the families got together at her uncle's house. All the rush rush of shopping was long over, the gifts were all given and unwrapped. And now it was just family time with all the old folks and the kids, all having a great time. Fond memories for sure.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
Anonymous said…
70's? Saw the striped pants BOL! You have some very fun holiday memories! :D

Happy Holidays to you!

Waggin at ya,

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