Well, Honestly…

Eggs scrambled with Campbell’s soup obviously wasn’t disgusting enough for you, so we’ll move on.

Every party needs Jello, right?


How about Chicken Jello?  Salad Jello?  How about a Jello so disgusting that it has no name or recipe?

I know my party guest would love a combination of chicken, pimentos, pickles and mayo.  The pink Jello appears to have chucks of coagulated blood in it, which is a perfect hangover recipe.

Let’s join it with…

mayo spaghetti

Spaghetti with mayonnaise!

That’s correct!  Since we have chicken and pimento available, let’s cook up some noodles and mix them with the above, plus some garlic salt, swiss cheese and almonds.  YUM!

Not enough?


Let’s go for the kicker….

High-Hat Tuna Souffle!!

tuna souffle

More pimento, more creamed soup and canned tuna!

Imagine that you could use any canned fish you have laying around – say mackeral, herring – and ooh…so yummy.

So, as your New Year party approaches, remember to have in your pantry the staples to make these dinners:  pimento, creamed soup, pickles, Jello and spaghetti. 

You can make ANYTHING with these simple items.


Food that's already been digested...
No Barbara No!!!
Thats icky!
Remember- I said "dog bones"
your too silly!!
houndstooth said…
I think I just threw up a little in my mouth! Gah! I'd rather have the Jello from Christmas Vacation with the cat food on top!
mermaid gallery said…
hilarious...now i know where my mother found those recipes!

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