The Nose Knows

When I hit junior high school, ALL the boys wore Jovan Musk Oil.  I mean ALL. You’d go to a school basketball game and it wafted from the bleachers. It stuck to car seats, and it especially clung to 1970’s polyester.

jovan musk oil(1)Even today, if I smell it, it reminds me of CYO dances and running around with our little pack.

I wonder, though, how this ad could have related to them at all. 

Was it the “testimonials”?

We’ve got the middle-aged black “sportsman”: “It hasn’t put more women in my life, but it’s put more life in my women…”

The college geek: “I hope they never stop making it, because I would” (stop making it with the girls, get it?”).

Your neighbor’s husband: “Ingrid said she’d give anything if I’d wear it…so I did...” (What did she give him??)

A porn dude (euphemistically called “the swinger”): “It turned my birthday into a terrific affair.”

and WHO THE HELL IS THE CREEPY BALD GUY?  Sure, your secretary used to call you Mr. Hart and now she “just calls me”. Such a stereotype, schtupping your secretary.

Was it the tag line? 

“We make it in Chicago, so you can “make it” anywhere in the world”. 

All I can guess is that our young friends spent evenings looking at their fathers Playboy’s.  Heck, I don’t care.  I loved the stuff…still do.

But that bald guy – he’s just creepy.

Personal note:  Sorry I’ve been MIA. Horrible stomach flu. Better now.


Dana@Mid2Mod said…
haha I'm enough older that it was Jade East, Brut and Hai Karate for the boys in our class.
3 doxies said…
Lady, you just won't believes dis...I was thinkin' how creepy dat guy looked BEFORES I even read your commentary bout him. I bet he has on knee socks too.

Aaaaand, I was wonderin' wheres you has been. Glad to knows you is feelin' betters.

Puddles...I feels dirty afters dis post...hehehehe.
Dolores said…
So good to hear that you're feeling better. Stomach virus...YUCK!

You're younger than me, I don't remember the musk......
All those guys look creepy to me.
Take care...hugs,
WHERE do you find these ads, lol!!

I'm with 3 doxies, I feel dirty, I must go take a shower now.
Hope you feel better. But that ad left me a little woozy. I do recall that stuff, and High Karate ads. I think the big one was Polo and English Leather when I was getting close enough to smell any guy but my hubby.
Golden Samantha said…
So sorry to read that you've been sick - just hate tummy bugs uck - hope you really are better now! Not sure what guys wore in Jr. High, as I went to a girl's school at the time, but by high school age, guys wore "Old Spice," which was probably not much better, ad-wise! Still like the smell, however - must bring good memories!
Sammie, Avalon and Miche

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