Ranger Needs Our Help

Ranger was unceremoniously dumped in a shelter in pain.  This man took him to the vet and paid for emergency services – Ranger had 2 liters of fluid in his abdomen.   Petey’s dad is also paying for the surgeries up front. 
This was Ranger’s bowel when they opened him up. Can you imagine the pain he was in?
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Ranger’s Chipin  (Chipin is currently down, but I will post as soon as I can).
Vet Info if you would like to donate directly for Ranger North Scottsdale Animal Hospital 480-368-1741. Just let them know it is for Ranger...they all know him.


Nancy K. said…
That poor, POOR dog! God bless the man who took him to the vet and is taking responsibility for saving Ranger's life.
Tears are running down our face as we watched and read the video.
How could this ever happen!!

Dolores said…
I want to watch the video, but the picture is enough for me. Bless this man who took Ranger to the Vet.. I can't imagine the pain...
Bless you for posting this.
Blessing on the man who took Ranger to the Vet!!!
Eartha Kitsch said…
Made me bawl! Sweet, sweet Ranger - bless your soul. Get well soon and go home to your happy life.
Poor sweetie pie!

When an animal in rough shape is brought to such caring people, I say it's the luckiest day of their life.

Ranger, do not despair anymore! You will be loved from now on!

Please keep us posted Barbara!

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