All Right, Dammit, I’m Dealing With It

Let’s get back to our regularly scheduled program while I take lots of drugs.

clown freezer(1)

Speaking of drugs, who the hell thought up this ad?

Why, when I’m looking for a new refrigerator, I always think “what do clowns choose?”

It’s an appropriate thought, because clowns represent all sizes and shapes.  Tall to get in the freezer and short to get in everywhere else.  And clowns do get into everything, right?

clown upclose

And this lovely Amana Stor-Mor fridge (E’s were costly then), and while we don’t know it’s cubic feet, it holds 109 pounds of food JUST IN THE FREEZER, so imagine how much food you can stuff inside! 

Why, there is room for your vodka bottles, your mixers, a ridiculous amount of milk

clownmilk(I count 5 half-gallons and two half-gallon glass jugs), wait…is that a bottle of Chevis Regal?




your melon with Jello in the center and a thousand other unrecognizable foods!!

And on top of that, NO SHARP EDGES!!  God knows how many times I’ve cut my hand open using a refrigerator.  But best of all are the colors.  Oh, you can be boring and get white, but you can also get turquoise, pink, yellow or the FABulous two-tone coppertone (not copper, copper tone. Think “harvest brown”)

So the next time you shop refrigerators, think clowns.  They’re your best judge of refrigerators!

Ed Note:  Everything is the same today as it was yesterday, I’m just over the shock.  Thank you for all your kind words. It’s nice to know you care.


Dana@Mid2Mod said…
This was a great post. The part about cutting your hand on the refrigerator door actually made me laugh out loud.

I know how awful it is to go through a financial crisis. I went through one in a divorce, and it was devastating...but you do exactly what you just did. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and take whatever action you can take...and say the Serenity Prayer a lot. Eventually you get to the other side. I promise.
3 doxies said…
Uh, mum is pukin' her guts out and screamin' at da same time. Her DON'T do clowns. Her is petrified of them.

Oh Oh, yes...da Serenity Prayer! We lives by it heres. It's gonna all be okays. It may not look likes it right nows, but it will.

We loves ya Barb!

houndstooth said…
A pink fridge?! Forget the clowns and sign me up! I've never seen a pink fridge and that would be squeee worthy!

I'm glad you're feeling a tiny bit better today. I've been wondering how you were!
Did your fridgie go out?
Out dryer went out, and our washer a week later, and now the septic tank is caving in- what is going on?
Do clowns bring septic tanks?
Keep on keeping on,,, my friend!
Clowns DO get everywhere! I can't tell you how many times I have to chase them out of my kitchen with a broom. You have now made me want to trade in my deadly dull, razor edged fridge for a pink version of this -- but only if they promise to de-clown it first.

Still thinking of you in all this stress.
This is when I see that you live by the name of your blog...Your sense of humour will carry you through, sweetie. And so will we.

How many clowns can you stuff in that fridge is what I want to know.

I'll take one fridge in pink and one in turquoise.
So glad that you are starting to put things into perspective. I can see that fridge if filled with some Dandy Stress Busters there.

Butt does the LIGHT stay ON when you close the door???
Amber Von Felts said…
Yes, but how many pounds of CLOWN can you fit in the freezer? These guys do look a little fiendish!
Golden Samantha said…
Are we ever LOLing! Imagine hawking an ice box that advertises itself as 109# of frozen food heheh! Too funny! You have a thoroughly out-there sense of humor that cuts us up every time! Glad you're over the shock - we've had a couple in the last month, so I really know how that feels. Luckily, we, at least as humans, somehow adjust, even tho we may not have solutions. Thinking of you lots today...
Sammie, Avalon and Mom
PS - It sure is hard to read those "proving we're not robots" letters!
Dolores said…
For some unknown reason, clowns frighten me. I sure don't want any near my refrigerator.

Thinking of you and hope you're doing better!
Barbara said…

It was so wonderful to finally talk to you "in person" over the phone! I sure wish we were neighbors - we have so much in common and think so similarly. I will always consider you my sister!

Thank you, that explains a lot. I thought a 21.5 cuft refrigerator referred to its capacity in feet. They mean 21.5 Clowns.... It will hold 21.5 clowns, that makes it 1/2 the size of a Volkswagon.

Mogley G. Retriever
Anonymous said…
Hugs Barbara! I just read about the rotten stuff going on in your life. :( Keeping you and Minnie in our thoughts and sending you some massive positive vibes! :)

My neighbor is a clown nut. She would luv a fridge full of them BOL!

Waggin at ya,
Ziggy Stardust said…
Hi my name is Sasha and my pal Tweedles told me about you and I hope we can be pals too. I am sorry to find out that Minnie has booboo knees. I hope that things work out and there isn't much I can do, but I can send you love and hugs. Here they come are you ready??


Loveys Sasha

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