But First, A Request

Hi everyone!

I’m feeling much better, thanks to all your good wishes.

I’d like to ask a favor.

I am circulating a chip in for one of my high school friends who is completely disabled and can no longer work.  Unfortunately, her husband has been disabled and unable to work for a long time.  Linda has had a pretty tough life.  She’s overcome alcoholism, and she has devoted herself to her church.  She has had four back surgeries, each making her back even worse than before. She can’t do anything physical.

This is Linda with a grandchild.

225005_10150191289119586_677459585_6835539_1618340_nThey moved into a mobile home to save money (they both live on Social Security).

I am trying to organize a painting party of my high school buddies (we all went to high school together) to do the painting, but we do need paint and supplies.

Could you pitch in a few dollars?  I would like Linda to believe that people care in this world.  I’d really appreciate it.  The chipin is on the right.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my regular madness.

Thank you for considering.


Dolores said…
I'm so glad you're well, I was worried about you.

Linda is such young and pretty grandmother, and the baby is adorable.

Your so thoughtful to help your friend. I don't have much to help, but I'll chip in what I can.
Hi Barbara
We are glad you are better. Its the pitts to be sicky!
I will help spread the word about your friend. The paint party would be terrific
Dolores said…
The side bar deal to click isn't working...ill come back later
I wish them well. AND am glad that YOU are better!!
Eartha Kitsch said…
You are such a sweetheart. Your friend has been through so much. Bless her. I've got an Etsy sale coming through so I'll donate for sure. Paint something blue for me. Unless she hates blue. : )
Happee to hear you feel better
Benny & Lily
Golden Samantha said…
Hi there! Glad to hear you feel better - have a great time at the paint pawty! Looks like you are off to a great start!
Sammie and Avalon

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