How Old Time Celebrities Handled Their Fans

kate smith pudding

They did it with PUDDING!

Yes, Kate Smith was a tremendous singer, with fans that adored her.  One special fan got to go to her dressing room and share “supper” with her. 

Mom and Dad had to wait outside.  Sparky got to stay.

And here it is!!  A bowl of pudding big enough to serve 12, one cup of “Sanka coffee” – wait, isn’t Sanka NOT coffee?And sorry, Sally…no drink for you! 

My, sharing pudding with your favorite singer.  It’s like a dream come true, isn’t it?


Mom could eat that by herself
Benny & Lily
houndstooth said…
Oh Sally! Sometimes winning really isn't everything!
What kind of food was served? Anything for me?
3 doxies said…
Only if mum could shares it withs her Bono...sigh! Only in her dreams.

DeanO said…
Hm, those were the days my friend...

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