Dangerous Night in the ‘Hood

So last night, I’m puttering around the house when I hear three distinct pops.

I think “nah…”, but the dogs are going nuts.  Having lived in the Valley in Los Angeles, I was pretty sure of what I heard.  I started to round up the dogs to come inside when I heard “pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop”. 

And I knew.

It seems that two disgruntled drivers/gang members exited the freeway, came straight down my street, all while shooting at each other.  I’m not kidding.  As soon as the second set of pops went off, I heard many sirens.  Down my street went cop cars, an ambulance, a fire chief…and all the time I thought “that sure sounded like it came from behind the house”.

For a while, all I heard were sirens.  Then the ambulance comes back down my street, code three.

Nothing on the news, and honestly, once I hear gunshots, I don’t go wandering around to see where they came from.

This morning I found this:



(sorry, it won’t let me link.)

Seems a man was going into the church to get some free food and was grazed by a stray bullet in the cheek.  He’s okay and home now.

Things like this don’t happen on this street, especially not .3 miles from my house.  I’m hoping they don’t any more!

On another note: 


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Eartha Kitsch said…
Good grief, mama! Scary business! It's cave time.
Yikes! Where was the dang sheriff when you needed him? I am glad you were all okay- and smart not to go look to see where the jerks were.
Oh gosh, that's always scary when it is that close. We used to hear gunshots in our old house. You never get used to it.

Your pal, Pip
YIKES!! I would have had to change my pants if I heard that!
scary...momma deals with those people every dsy at her job
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Benny & Lily
Dolores said…
Oh my goodness, that is so scary to have this happening so close to your home....so glad you're safe!

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