Dinner Tonite: Sardines!!


Well if there isn’t one thing we get enough of, it’s sardines.

Yum, sardines.  Such a versatile dinner item.

We know that Dad loves them, little Jimmy sneaks cans of them into his bedroom and Baby Sally loves them ground up with some nice baby carrots. 

Yes, meaty Maine sardines are great fried (preferably in a very thick batter), stuffed into canned biscuits with sour cream, onions and horseradish, atop pizza (WHAT?) or marinated in lemon, oregano and soy sauce (urp!).  Why, you can even blend them with ice cream for a lovely sardine shake!

Fast, filling and nutritious, sardines are great for your family dinner.  Or the cat, whichever eats them first.

ED NOTE:  Spent all day at Kaiser with mom yesterday.  After two weeks of not feeling well but proclaiming “I’m fine”, she allowed me to take her to Kaiser.  They damn near admitted her – her blood pressure was 171/98.  I told her she’s lucky she didn’t have a stroke.  I swear, the things I deal with!

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We all love sardines, but we don't get them often enough:(

Hope your Mom will be OK and that life settles for you soon.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
houndstooth said…
Ack! I started gagging almost at the beginning, but when I got to pizza, I think I blanked out for a minute! Just say NO to sardines!
Hi Barbara,
We like sardines, but not all the ways you mentioned! ICK!

We are keeping our paws crossed for your mom to keep feeling better. Such scary things happen sometimes.
We know how important moms are.

And we also hope that the chip in is growing. We are glad you got what we sent to you in the mails.
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
As a newlywed, we ate the kind in mustard A LOT. Needless to say, sardines are rarely on my grocery list these days. :)
Sardines...not just for breakfast anymore!

Sorry about all you're going through, I hope your mom feels better soon.
Dolores said…
I like sardines on crackers, but some of those combinations made me gag.

Thinking of you. I'm so glad your mother wasn't admitted to the hospital, that's all you need. Hopefully they gave her drugs to lower the pressure.
Oskar said…
I've never had sardines, but I know I would love them!

I hope that your mom feels better soon.

Nubbin wiggles,

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