Hold the Pickle, Hold the Lettuce…

burger king

60 second service.

Nutritionally balanced, yet big enough to satisfy a healthy appetite.

A unique concept - Home of the Whopper it is!

I personally have NEVER seen a Burger King that looked like this.  Not a diner, not a cafeteria, not a drive-in (although drive THRU would come later), and you didn’t have to tip the middle-aged help!

I can remember when the first Burger King opened in this town.  We thought the Whopper was HUGE.  My, how times have changed.  Now, you get a surly teenager and lousy service and a five minute wait.  And I don’t think we’d consider it “nutritionally sound” today. Nor cheap.

Do you remember your first fast food experience?  Tell me about it!  The best story wins a prize!

I’m not kidding!


houndstooth said…
All I know is that the creepy King of the Burger King commercials is the stuff of my nightmares! Seriously! *shudder*

I still remember the local fast food place we had called Harold's Hamburgers. We walked up there with my mom all the time. One day we were sitting there and my sister was twisting a ketchup packet. My mom told her to stop, but my sister just kept giving it one more twist. Finally, my mom cracked out her serious voice. "I mean it! If you twist that thing one more time..." My sister did and the ketchup packet exploded -- all over my mom's shirt! Not one tiny drop landed on my sister. We still laugh about that!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
I don't remember any particularly funny story, but my first fast food experience was at Griff's Burger Bar. Hamburgers were 15 cents...and going there was a big family outing.

Like you said...my, how times have changed.
I don't have a story, but I love burgers!
My first fast food experience was actually funny. The first fast food restaurant to open by us was Burger Chef. My mom had a friend over one day with her kids (my friends) and they decided to get us fast food for lunch. I asked for a strawberry milkshake, never expecting that my mom would say "yes" because she never did. Much to my surprise, she said "yes," and I had my first strawberry milkshake. It was horrible tasting, but I kept drinking it because I knew if I didn't finish it, I'd never see a milkshake ever again. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I told my mom, "I can't drink anymore of this." She took a sip and with a twisted face said, "This is soured!" So, my first fast food experience involved my drinking almost an entire "soured" strawberry milkshake. I'm 50, and I still don't care for strawberry milkshakes.
Special Orders Don't upset us.
All we ask is that you let us, serve it Your way. hehehehe
Golden Samantha said…
Aaagghhhh - where DO you find these relics of the past!!!??? Too funny - wish I had a fast food story, but our folks refused to let us go to fast food joints. Best places we could sample bad chow (and possibly worse than BK) were roller skating rinks and bowling alleys! (Near our hometown, there was a giant complex of BOTH a bowling alley AND a rink - in summer; roller, in winter, ice - imagine!)
Sammie's and Avalon's mom!
What a great ad. Yes, the Burger King King is definitely creepola!

My story is not about me but my friend. Her family drove all the way from Canada to Florida to go camping. Her parents were notoriously cheap. They decided to eat at a burger joint. But they could only get a burger each and they split like 3 orders of fries between the six of them and the mom took out cans of sodas she had brought from home to drink. The cheap store brand kind of sodas. But it was still a very special occasion for them and to this day all four kids remember it!!
Holy Moly. That video is just a little too disturbing!

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