My Babies



I love these moments.

Trixie hates the back cushions and Minnie likes their taste, so they’re only on when I’m home supervising.

Hard morning of barking at passerby’s.


So adorable.....agree mom loves when we are like that too
Benny & Lily
Ziggy Stardust said…
I love this picture. I hope you are all doing ok.

Loveys Sasha
Jen said…
Hey, it's a tough life!

They look adorable.
What sweet babies they are!
love tweedles
My Babies
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Thank you!
How. Cute. I "heart" them! ;^)
Golden Samantha said…
How adorable - all three on the couch, sleeping so soundly side by side! Have a peaceful Sunday!
Sammie and Avalon
houndstooth said…
Awww! They all look so sweet! I love that contented look on all three faces!
They look so sweet and peaceful. You can only look like that after you've been up to something that wears you out!
Dolores said…
I think of you often and hope you and your 3 furr balls are doing well.

I love the picture.....that's looks like true contentment!

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