Godspeed, Fred

We were very saddened to hear that Fred has gone to the bridge.  Our hearts are with his family today.


Fred is now free of the Seizure Monster, but his family is hurting.  Please go lend Kari, Scott and Haylie some support.

Godspeed Fred, you brave warrior.


Oh Fred. Didn't know you but you looked like a huge sweetie.
DeanO said…
Ah...wonderful picture but so sad.
Oh so much sadness in our hearts. Fred was sooo loved by so many.
The seizure monster was so bad, and I am glad that Fred is now free and cannot be hurt no more.
I know his pawrents hearts is just broken- they loved him so.
I will go share love with them.
Run free sweet Fred
houndstooth said…
I was really sad to read the news this morning.
My heart is breaking for Fred's family. Godspeed, Fred.

Love ya lots,
Wyatt said…
That is sad news...we did not know :(

Wyatt and Stanzie
Unknown said…
were sorry for this sad news, I'm sure Fred is happy with our God right now, sending our prayers for Fred's family.
Always sad but also a time to celebrate the connection and love they bring to us and what we are able to give them in the time they have.

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