Summer Clothing Sale

As summer approaches, you may be looking for some new clothes for work or clubbing at the roller rink.


fundawearOur sale today includes Funtawear, a new and wonderful way to express your individuality.

Won’t your boss be impressed when you show up in your Rolling Stone panties and midriff?  Perfect for the front receptionist, this outfit has SUCCESS written all over it.

And how better to show fellow skaters how hot you are?  Wear our flaming undies!  That’s right – either you’re hot or you’re carrying a warning right there in your panties.  These undies are so popular in the local rinks, massage parlors and bars.  Hey, if you’ve got it – flaunt it – or at least give a warning to others.

And how best to say “Grab my Crotch” then our “Grab my Crotch” briefs?  With your hat and roller skates, these briefs scream “Macho Grande”!!  Who would be able to resist you?  You just KNOW that only a man completely comfortable with his baggage wears shorts like these.  And when you’re in the boardroom, having these on display lets everyone else know how confident you are.  I see CEO written all over these.

Don’t miss our sale!  You can’t pass this chance to move up in Funtawear!


oh gosh!
i am glad pugs don't need stuffs like this.

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