When You Help One, You Help Many


$204 collected today from yard sale for Minnie. Yay!


Eartha Kitsch said…
Oh, that Magpie video made me weepy! And I think I'm having PTSD because near the end when she was running around without being on a leash, I got very tense.

Congrats on the yard sale! Send me some info on the auction that you're going to have.
That's great news - nice work. Now did you buy a lottery ticket? We would surely cross our paws you would win.

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houndstooth said…
I'm so glad to hear the sale brought in some more money! Minnie's getting a lot closer to her surgery!
Unknown said…
What a great news, I learned a lot from this video, thanks for sharing ah.

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I am so glad the garage sale was a sucess. ( every little bit helps)

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