I am a Good Girl

I haven't licked so mom is letting me sleep without the cone of shame. I am really tired, but I ate some treats and I drink my water. I wonder when my leg will come back


Eartha Kitsch said…
Poor sweet boo. That's good news about the cone though.
Goooooood Job... No Licking is very inpawtant.
Good girl, Minnie - just keep relzxing and enjoying all the pampering.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Woos - Phantom,Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
We are sending you lots of AireZen, Minnie! Heal quickly fast!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly
Dolores said…
So good to hear sweet Minnie isn't licking and can have a reprieve from the cone. I hope she heals quickly and completely.
Kari in Alaska said…
what a very good girl you are

Stop on by for a visit
Good girl Minnie!! You will feel better soon!
lots of kissys for you
No cone zone is good. I know how hard it is not to lick. My husband is ALWAYS telling me to stop it but maybe that's because I'm not licking HIM. Missed you, girlfriend. Hope all is well.
I didn't see any of those posts on my dashboard! So glad to see Minnie had her surgery and that she's on the road to recovery. Poor sweetums! Give her a hug for me. It's nice not to wear the cone of shame, it just adds insult to injury, doesn't it?

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