I Just Haven’t Felt Like It


500x_smoothiegirdle Sorry I’ve been away.  It’s just been a weird month, and I haven’t been able to think of anything original.  So here’s a quick update:

Minnie is doing great.  You’d never know she had anything done.  Hair is growing back, incision completely healed.  Hallelujah!

Mom is making me insane.  She is not the “kindest” caregiver – she gets far too mad and takes everything very personally.  Clynt has been in a “questioning” phase, where he asks about everything, is not pleased with the answers and then stews about it.  This pisses mom off.  I try to explain to her that this is the disease process; that he’s not doing it on purpose, but she still thinks he does.  So she’s always upset, which she takes out on me, making my day, every day.  And Clynt thinks I’m stealing his money.

Over the holiday, I caught a cold from someone and spent the entire weekend in my bed.  I’m still hacking.  On Tuesday, I saw an ENT who suggested that I have a complete nose job (one month downtime, four hour operation) to fix my sinus problems.  He guarantees a 30% success rate.  Yep, I’ll jump right on that.

So…there you go.  I’m off to find my girdle. 


30% rate.. wow.. and he Bragged about THAT.. well at least he admits to a 70% Failure rate!!! I am sure you wanted to hop on it!
Dolores said…
Forget the girdle, those are a thing of the past and pure torture!

I'm glad you posted, ive been concerned about you....

30 per cent......nothing to brag about....take sinus meds instead...

Your mom NEEDS to have patience with your brother, but ...if she didn't have patience with your dad...doesn't sound like she will change.

I'm praying for your patience..
DeanO said…
Good luck on that Girdle thingy :)
We are glad Minnie is doing good.
She is doing better than everyone!

You know what I think-- you know the facts- and all you can do is ignore the evilness that you are feeling against you (stealing money for petes sake!
Try on one of those girdles- maybe it will hit an acupuncture place and maybe nothing will bother you.
Or maybe get one for everyone!
That ENT is nuts!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Yes, as I recall, girdles make everything better...:)
Sounds like you're already squeezed between a rock and a hard place, so I would forego the girdle if I were you...Besides, see the face of the woman in the ad? She doesn't look too happy, like she can't breathe or something. That and sinus problems is a recipe for fainting, lol!

I feel for you, taking care of all these people and critters. Who takes care of you? Remember to take care of YOURSELF first. And keep up your wonderful sense of humour!
houndstooth said…
30% success rate? But you get a month's vacation from the family if you sign up, right? :P
fromsophiesview said…
caregiver...the word of the new century....some "good" some "not so much"...now go gets dat gurdle on gurl!
Missed this in my deadline daze but thinking good thoughts your way. Use a nasal strips even if you don't think you need them at night for sinuses, it helps.
I hopes you are feeling better sweet Barbara

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