Minnie cleared for short walks. Here she is with the vet.

Careful foc, laser eyes are on.


Yippeeeeeeeee! Enjoy your walkie today, Minnie!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly
Dolores said…
Yea, good to hear your sweet girl is making progress. Hugs,
Walkies! Lovin the laser eyes.
Yea! Sounds good
Benny & Lily
Anonymous said…
YAY, Minnie!! That's great news! When Riley had her knee surgery, she couldn't take short leash walks until 8 weeks out. Hopefully you won't lose too much muscle since you can take walks now. Way to go, you're healing up nicely, it seems!!

Elyse and Riley
houndstooth said…
What great news for Miss Minnie! I'm so happy for her and you! :)
Oh we are soooo happy!
Now go have a nice calm walkie
Kari in Alaska said…
woo hoo great news

Stop on by for a visit
cabin + cub said…
hooray!! and laser eyes, bonus! ;)
fromsophiesview said…
oh man...now I'm blinded...that's OK I'll gets my walker...hey Ron get over here, I needs a carrot!
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