Everybody Must Go Poo!

inner cleanliness


Are you clean inside?

I mean, really, really clean inside?

Are you sure?

Andrews Liver Salt starts at your mouth, cleaning your tongue and refreshing your breath.  Then it settles your stomach and corrects upsets lurking there.

Then, it tones up your liver and checks for extra bile.

And after all that, it blows your colon clean and purifies your blood.

Good lord, is there anything Andrews Liver Salt can’t do?  And it comes in a family sized tin!

But wait!!   The French have Andrews beat!


Jubol actually sends little men into your colon to scrub it clean!

Check out the buckets and brushes!  Your colon will be sparkly clean once you swallow these little men!

You really should feel sorry for them, as this was the only job they could get.  Once they’re done, they have to wait for you, then swim back to the office and wait for the next constipated patient!

Dr. Henrique says:

“Jubol sponges and cleans;
avoids the appendix and enteritis;
heals the hemorrhoids;
frustrate the excess of overweight;
regularize the harmony of shapes” (oh boy!)

“I certify that the Jubol has real value and great power in intestinal diseases and mainly in constipation and gastro-enteritis or I ordered. What I said be the truth on my grave.”

Well, heck then, get in mah belly little men!


Dolores said…
For real?????? Oh my gosh, that is hilarious!
Hugs to you my friend/sister/adopted daughter
houndstooth said…
I'm in too much shock and awe to make much of a comment! Just wow!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
I can't imagine what kind of ad agency would think the colon picture would attract customers. Aaargh!
How do we live without that stuff? Jubol even cures vertigo and migraines! I mean, who knew that the stuff down there affects the stuff up here?

Poor little men, must be a really toxic workplace. Next thing you know, they'll be unionizing and demanding gas masks and haz mat suits. Tssk. The price of that stuff was cheap, but now it will go through the roof.

Lol, where do you find that stuff, Barbara?
this is sooooo creeepy!

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