How To Make Your Husband Send Flowers



Are you lacking the little niceties from your hubby?

No flowers? Forgets your anniversary?

It’s your own fault. 

Your husband wants flowers too.  And frills.  Ruffles and bow ties, because the Seventies man wants big hair, dull women and Prince Albert shirts.

I mean look at you!  That expression!  That death stare!  And honey…THAT COLLAR!  Look at what he really wants – a carefree woman that he can give a pearl necklace – yep, frilly clothes and loose women.  THAT’s what he wants.

Or you can just buy him the shirt to wear when he trims the trees. 

After Six.  When men used to care about dressing up.


Oh my goodness, Leave it to Beaver
Benny & Lily
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
OMG...that shirt. It makes my teeth hurt.
houndstooth said…
Skip the man! Just buy the shirt for yourself! :P
I agree- Leave it to Beaver!

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