Please Help Sunshade

Mitch and Molly alerted their friends to Sunshade’s condition.  Please give if you can.

Here is the link to the fundraiser.

"Last week as most of you know, Elaine's Sunshade's spleen ruptured and only a few miracles strung together saved her long enough to get to the ER vet in time to operate. She is recovering at home today, thank all the doG Protecting Spirits! What is left is a humongous bill--probably about $7,000. We are hoping that for all of you who have enjoyed Sunshade's videos with the Guinea Pigs and Jaffa--including the grooming tutorials, and have benefited from Elaine's homeopathic treatments, would be willing make a contribution. Don't worry about the amount. Everyone, no matter how much they give, always wishes it could be more. Whatever is received is very much needed and will be gratefully used....Elaine would never have asked so we are doing it for her."



Thank you so much for posting this, Barbara. We so appreciate it. MUAH!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly
Dolores said…
Such a beautiful and heartbreaking video. I'll click on the fundraiser and see what I can do, but for sure I'll be praying for this beautiful dog.

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