Minnie is Infected.

Poor girls leg got infected setting her back a few days. Doc gave her a big shot of long lasting antibiotics and she should feel better in a few days.


rottrover said…
Oh Minnie! Feel better soon...You've been a trooper!

-Bart and Ruby
houndstooth said…
Poor Minnie! I hope you're feeling better soon! In the meantime, get a little bell and have your mom wait on you hand and foot.

She gave her a shot...and a kiss! Love her face in that second picture!
We hope you feel better soon, Minnie!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly
Thank dogness for Moms that get us to the vet, vets who know what to do, and meds to heal our wounds. All paws crossed for a speedy healing.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
We are sending you lots of love
Benny and Lily
How Sam Sees It said…
I hope you feel better soon, Minnie!

Kari in Alaska said…
Poor Minnie!

Stop on by for a visit
Hugs and licks for a speedy recovery! Gosh you are certainly cute! :)
vaporland said…
Hope your dog is feeling better soon...
We're sending lots of healing and healthy thoughts for Minnie--And I hope you're getting some rest too!!
Awwww. Hope she is better soon. Maybe you need a big ol shot of something from a certain special thermos to get you through this ordeal! Take care of both of you.
Dolores said…
Here's hoping sweet Minnie is on the road to recovery soon!!!!!! Hugs!!!
I hope Minnie is all better.
Sorry we have not been around- but mommy has been not well.
We've been going through a lot with the kids here, too--poor Holly's teeth are infected again but she doesn't have many left to pull! I hope Minnie is doing better by now. BTW, is that you with the short red 'do?????

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