A Pathetic Update

Sorry it's been a while.

I've been mired in depression, and it isn't lifting.  I'm on meds and hope that some day they will help.

It's just been an awful series of ups and downs...if it isn't my mother, it's Clynt, and if it isn't them, something is happening to me.

Mom is having her first cataract surgery on the 28th, and I've filed preliminary paperwork for Clynt to hopefully get Aid and Attendance pensions from the V.A.  Any information from someone who has walked that road would be SO appreciative.  I'm getting both "VA will help" and "VA is worthless" comments. We really need the money to help Clynt, so I'm hoping it will be a fairly easy process.

Today, while checking my bank balance, I noted that the state tax board went into my account and removed $500.  With no notice. They said "we don't have to tell you".  Something about a mistake on my 2008 taxes.  I had to borrow $100 to make sure my car payment doesn't get missed.  So I have zip left after the bills until the 30th.  I swear, whatever god I pissed off in another life is really killing me in this one. I never get a break. I'm still paying on Minnie's legs, Trixie's ear and Christmas. Le Sigh.

I am well aware that many, many people are in the same boat I am, but I tell you, my life has been down so long that I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever be good again.

So, that's why I've not been blogging, and so sorry to be the Debbie Downer today.  I AM reading your blogs (Puddles had hives, Pip could sure use help with his bucket list, Bunny is still beautiful, and Kim is still helping Goldens.  Dolores is moving ahead with life without David, Frankie and Ernie finally got the snowmans back in storage...and many, many more.)  You lighten my day whenever I read you, and I thank you.

I'm still here, so I guess that counts for something.


Eartha Kitsch said…
Whaaa? That sounds insane that they can just take money out of your account and possibly send a person into overdraft Hell. Good lord, hon. All of this at once....I wish I could help you in some way. James (our neighbor who passed) went to the VA hospital to get everything done and he really talked well of how they treated him. I'm rooting for you from my corner. xo.
24 Paws of Love said…
Hang in there Barbara. We are thinking about you. ((Hugs))
Dolores said…
Oh my gosh, that's awful and should be against the law to take money from your bank account.... much less for something that happened years ago.

Is Clynt eligible for any Social Security benefits..... silly question..... I'm sure you've already checked into everything there is to check into.

I'm so sorry about the depression.... but you do have probable cause for depression right now.

I'm putting you at the top of my thoughts and prayer list..... you're such a loving and giving person.... it's time for a break!!
Love to you my daughter from another family.
♥ Sallie said…
We believe in you!

(((((((Big Hug)))))))))))
I'd like to say I'm shocked at the $ grab but nothing with money or the guv'mint surprises me these days. So sorry that happened. You have my warmest thoughts on the depression. Been there and $ stuff added to it brings a kind of pain/depth that it's hard to describe. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

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