At Last! The Perfect Bridal Gift!

You know, I have spent and extraordinary amount of time searching for that perfect bridal shower gift when it was under my nose the entire time.

Why didn't I think of this?        

It's perfect!  Just a little tissue paper and a tiny box and you'll be the envy of every girl who could only think of stupid things like toasters and lingerie or money!

Why were we thinking of the bride anyway?  We all know marriage is about pleasing the husband!  HE wants the roast perfectly cooked.  HE wants homemade candy.  HE wants sex! 

You see, when you stop caring about what the bride wants, gifting is easy! 

Maybe I'll throw in a doll shaped toilet roll cover and be extravagant!

I'm so satisfied with myself!!                                 


Our MOM has one of those thingys.. and she uses it fur Meats and fur making Tomato Juice to can... butt NEVER fur CANDY... hehehe
I don't think that gift would work for me.
Wow. All about the husband. Oh I'm so glad I wasn't born in the Mad Men era!!


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