Just Another Thing to Fear

Every once in a while when I wear a dress, I get a tingly feeling in my legs.  All this time I thought maybe I hadn't shaved my legs well enough (and little hairs were catching), or that my legs were starting to fall asleep.

Little did I know that as I sweated nervously in those interviews, my stockings were being eaten by my own "acid perspiration".


Had I been armed with this knowledge earlier in life, I could have save myself a ton of nylons!  I mean, WHO KNEW???  I would have sprayed my legs with antiperspirant; I would have swished them in the sink immediately after I pulled them off...I would have treated them with the respect I now know I didn't.  And according to Ivory Snow, it would have only taken me THREE seconds to do this!!

I'm so ashamed.

Take my advice and save yourself from needless stocking murder.  Wash your unmentionables RIGHT NOW!!


Lidian said…
This is truly horrifying information! As if retro gals didn't have enough to worry about - I am going to go wash all my nylons immediately ;)
Dolores said…
I'd forgotten about Ivory Snow.... I washed diapers in Ivory Snow.... umpteen years ago!
Hope you're doing good!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
So many needless runs. And all this time I thought I was just snagging my hose on my desk.
Oh no - I thought the only thing I had to worry about was my acid stomach and my acid tongue. Now my legs want in on the trouble? Thanks for the warning.

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