One eye done!

Well, we're down to one eye to complete.  Now all we need is to convince her that hearing aids are a plus, and they don't make you look "old". 

She's 85 for goodness sake!  She IS old!!

This went fast and turned out well.  She is very happy that she can "really see well" out of that eye.  The next one is in March.

As for me....
 Nexus Booze Project 2.0


Eartha Kitsch said…
She sure doesn't look 85! She should get the hearing aids so that she can hear all of the compliments about how young she looks.

p.s. You poor thing. I don't know HOW you handle all of this stuff at once.
Oh no. Paws are crossed for you. We are sending booze
Benny & Lily
Dolores said…
Wonderful!!! I'm so glad the one eye is done and successful.

Tell your mom that your mom in Texas is 72 and has been wearing hearing aids for 10 years. People are always surprised when I say that I have hearing aids. The only way you can see them, would be if you were looking in my ear, and people don't have any business looking in our ears anyway!

I put mine on first thing in the morning...Good luck!!
Hugs to you my friend and daughter.
Blessings to your mom and to YOU. My Mom never wore her hearing aids and I am sad for all she missed because of it.

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